Write for Blood & Bourbon

Do you value masculinity, tradition, history, religion, and/or Appalachia? Are you a practitioner of spiritual, physical, and/or intellectual warfare? Would you like to reach a broader audience, build your portfolio, and attract attention to your own writing?

If so, you’re exactly what we need here. Blood & Bourbon is now accepting submissions and pitches for articles.

Our Mission Statement

Before pitching or submitting, read through the About page and the archive to get familiar with the site’s style and focus.

Basically, Blood & Bourbon aims to be a masculine, thoughtful, and traditionalist publication that delivers practical advice on spiritual warfare, physical warfare, and intellectual warfare. We do this to help cultivate a generation of strong, capable, courageous men who represent and advocate for traditional masculinity and the Permanent Things.

Our Target Audience

All writing should be tailored to a particular set of demographic and psychographic characteristics.

Demographically, our primary reader is:

  • Male
  • 25-35 years old
  • Earning between $30,000 and $75,000 per year
  • Living (or deeply invested) in Appalachia, the South, or small-town/rural cultures

Psychographically, our primary reader:

  • is Conservative/Traditionalist (Note: This doesn’t necessarily mean politically conservative or Republican. It means they value preserving what has traditionally worked over "progressive" experiments, nihilism, and relativism.)
  • is a practicing Christian (Catholic/Orthodox/Protestant) or else venerates Christianity as the bedrock of Western Civilization.
  • values Family.
  • values Traditional Masculine Roles & Virtues and seeks out examples of them.
  • endeavors to acquire competence and cultivate the manly virtues.

Subjects We Write About

Articles on the site will fall into one of four key categories:

  • Spiritual Warfare: Practical and theological advice/wisdom on sorting oneself out; defeating sin and our baser nature; and cultivating virtue.
  • Physical Warfare: Practical advice on physical/mental health and fitness; how to become stronger, more confident, more in control.
  • Intellectual Warfare: Biographies, histories, how-tos, or opinions that inspire men and/or inform and enhance their mindset.
  • Reviews: Reviews of books and products that men would find useful.

While the nature of this site is inherently political and we publish content that takes an implicit political stance, we do not publish articles that explicitly promote politics, or aggrandize/demonize political groups or politicians. Our compass is tradition and the Christian foundation of Western Civilization. Based on that compass, we aim to defend and promote good ideas, defeat bad ideas, and love the people who carry either. Strict on morals, generous on mercy.

Submission Guidelines

If you would like to write for Blood & Bourbon, you can pitch or submit articles in any of the above four categories.

All pitches and submissions should be submitted through the contact page.

For pitches, feel free to include up to 5 ideas and their intended categories. Also provide links to published samples of your writing, if available.

For submissions, articles should generally be between 500-2000 words (though exceptions can be made for high-quality in-depth articles). The article should be pasted directly into the body of the message. Do not send attachments. We only accept articles that are unpublished elsewhere. Also, include a byline/bio to be used with the article (no more than 20-30 words). Articles formatted in Markdown are preferred, but not required.

Guest writers don’t currently receive monetary compensation (though we certainly aim to change this as soon as it becomes feasible). They are, however, given a byline/bio above and below their article that can include one link. Guest writers are also permitted to link to their own articles within their guest article if those articles are relevant to the subject of their submission. All links are dofollow.