(or, how to follow this site)

So, you’ve worked your way through plenty of the site’s archive and now you reckon you’d like to read the new stuff, too. Is that so? Well, let me make it easier for you. You can get new writing in these three ways:

Mailing List

If you have enjoyed any of the writing on this site and you would like to receive more of it, I encourage you first and foremost to join the mailing list. Any time a new piece is published, you will receive a copy in your email inbox. Occasionally, you’ll also receive special letters written exclusively for members of the mailing list that will never appear anywhere else. Click here to visit the sign up form.

Twitter & Facebook

Whenever I publish a piece, a link to it gets sent immediately from Twitter and Facebook. You can follow @jdbentley on Twitter or like the official J.D. Bentley page on Facebook to get updates. Feel free to talk to me and share your own links there as well.

RSS Feed

If you know what an RSS feed is, then you’re probably just looking for this address. If you don’t know what an RSS feed is, it’s easier to just sign up for the mailing list.