Bonfire Almanac

"A Handbook of Manly Virtue!"

At week’s end just as the sun sets on the hills of Appalachia, great plumes of smoke raise from every hollow, every lane, every far off cabin buried deep in the woods. The men, restless from their early mornings and long hours—from their heavy lifting, sawing, driving, chopping, running—come together around bonfires to eat, to drink, to pick their banjos and strum their guitars. They tell stories, they debate, they fight, and by the time the fire spits its last ashen breath, they’ve made one another better, smarter men.

It is in this tradition that Bonfire Almanac exists. Wisdom, anecdote, history, tradition, and manly virtue delivered to your inbox every Friday night. Just something to think about, something to fight for, something to learn from, something to believe in. Bonfire Almanac aims to make us all better men. Sound good? Then put your email address in the box above. You won’t regret it.